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Baghdad Investment Authority Announces 200 Construction and Infrastructure Projects Underway in Iraq

Projects include housing complexes and various infrastructure needs.

More than 200 projects are under way in Iraq according to the Baghdad Investment Authority. Projects include housing complexes and various infrastructure needs. The Investment Authority also suggested the housing complex will be for the Ministry of Oil employees. “The investment movement in the country has witnessed a remarkable development and progress in the implementation and completion of projects,” said Shaker al-Zamili. In addition to the 200 investment projects were also an addition 250 projects which were undergoing the ratification process, contracting and final delivery. 

Mr. al Zamili also stated that within the projects were 11 residential complexes, 15 malls, 21 town squares, universities, water projects, cities, hotels, hospitals and commercial and administrative buildings. The companies that were awarded many of these projects were chosen due to international experience and having the capabilities to complete the projects. 


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