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Iraq and France Signs the Meeting Minutes of the Iraqi French Committee.

Witness a Big Development & Cooperation in all the Sectors, Such as the Oil, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Transportation, Housing

 The Iraqi- French committee concluded its works and signed the associated meeting minutes during their meeting which was held in Baghdad by the presence of Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne the French Minister of State for Foreign Trade. 

Mr. Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi the minister of oil confirmed on the significance of enforcing the economic and financial relations between Iraq and France and expressed on his hope that the next phase is going to witness a big development & cooperation in all the sectors, Such as the oil, industrial, agricultural, commercial, transportation, housing and else.

Mr. Al-Luiebi said that he seen during the meeting with the French minister, the French keenness to expand the horizons of cooperation and association between the two countries. And the discussions with the French guest was fruitful and useful. He said also that they discussed during the meeting about the fields of cooperation with the representatives of the ministries in the committee. The French party also presented an offer about the investment projects and the fields of cooperation which included many sectors.

Mr. Lemoyne shown the desire of his country to enforce the bilateral relations between the two friend countries, and the committee is considered as a step forward to expand the bilateral cooperation in the sectors of economy, industry, agriculture, transportation, housing, technology and else. He said also that he saw a keenness from the Iraqi party to encourage and invite the French companies to execute the investment projects in Iraq.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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