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Mr. Al Luiebi Opens a Gas Investment Complex in Badra with the Russian Minister of Energy.

Bilateral Relations Between Iraq and Russia, and the Keenness of the Russian Companies to Invest & Develop the Oil Fields in Iraq.

Mr. Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi the minister of oil opened a gas investment complex in Badra oil field in Wasit governorate by the presence of Mr. Alexander Novak the Russian minister of energy.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi confirmed on the keenness of the ministry of oil to invest the associated gas with the oil operations perfectly and stop flaring it in order to transform it into a useful energy to be used in the power stations, the petrochemicals factories and the fertilizers, as well as to maintain more liquid gas quantities.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the design capacity of the complex is to maintain the investment and treatment of more than 200 MSCF/ day of gas divided on two production units. And the current dry gas production is 40 MSCF/ day, which is supposed to be 50 MSCF during 2018. The Zubaidiya power station in Wasit is currently being provided by the dry gas from an (18 inch) pipeline extended through 106 kilometers built for this purpose.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi referred to the significance of this project which is planned to produce 300 tons of liquid gas and cover the needs of the governorate and provide the national production with more gas & sulfur. It is worthy to say that the current national production from Badra field is 140 tons/ day, and this project is considered as one of the advanced projects executed by depending on the modern technology.

   Mr. Novak said that the consortium of the oil companies which are developing Badra field and leaded by Gazprom Company, was able during the last years to increase the national production after the development of the field to be able to produce 85,000 barrels/ day. He also praised the bilateral relations between Iraq and Russia, and the keenness of the Russian companies to invest & develop the oil fields in Iraq.

   Mr. Mahmood Abdulrdha Mullah Talal the governor of Wasit praised the efforts of the ministry of oil and its keenness to develop the oil fields in the governorate via the best investment of the oil & gas wealth. As well as the contribution of the ministry to operate the power stations and the participation in the campaigns to improve the service to the citizens.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry of oil said that this project includes also the construction of a power station which includes 5 gas turbine units, each one produces 25 megawatts. And the produced power from these stations is supposed to be supplied to Badra district to maintain its need for electricity. He said also that the plan includes also to build two sulfur production lines capable to produce 300 tons/ day.

   Mr. Al- Luiebi suggested to the officials of Gazprom to present the necessary studies and suggestions to expand the development operations to include the districts of Zurbatia & Jassan near Badra field according to appropriate contraction methods agreed by the concerned parties, to achieve the goals and plans of the ministry, and to common benefits. He also ordered to build a complete complex and a building for the midland oil company (MDOC) on Tigris river in the center of the governorate to include the headquarter of the company and the cultural center, as well as an oil museum.

   There was also 63,000 acers of land which was given by the governorate, were allocated to be distributed and given to the workers of MDOC. And it is worthy to say that Gazprom company were awarded to develop Badra field with the consortium of Petronas Malaysian, Tpao Turkish, companies during the second licensing round.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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