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Minister of Oil announces the launch of the national campaign to plant a million palm trees in the province of Basra

The Ministry's Keenness to Increase the Green Areas Throughout the Country, Led to the Adoption of a Campaign to Plant a Million Palm Trees in the Province of Basra

As part of the ministry's efforts to increase green areas in the province of Basra, Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Laibi announced the launch of the national campaign to plant one million palm trees in the province.

The minister stressed that the Palm is a cultural symbol of the province of Basra and of Iraq in general, especially that it has been damaged in this province and other provinces because of the wars and the circumstances experienced by the country, as well as the neglect of the past years, which led to a decline in the number of palms in the country significantly, Here comes the importance of our contribution to all ministries and governmental institutions for the re-planting palm to normal in the country, and from the site of national responsibility initiated by the Ministry of Oil to carry out a campaign to grow these numbers of dates.

The minister pointed to the ministry's keenness to increase the green areas throughout the country, led to the adoption of a campaign to plant a million palm trees in the province of Basra in coordination with the province and institutions and departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and universities, adding that the allocated areas and locations of different areas of Basra for palm cultivation within the campaign launched The Ministry to disseminate the initiative and its success.

He added that the initiative will achieve great benefits, including the revival of palm growing during this year and the coming years and thus increase the number, as well as improving the environment in the province and adding Her aesthetic.

The minister added that the ministry has other campaigns in all governorates, including the liberated provinces and will not only the cultivation of palm trees, but the cultivation of other types of trees.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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