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The Minister of Oil Instructs the Establishment of Gulf Maritime Academy with the Establishment of the Maritime Museum in Basra

According to the Latest Systems and Scientific Contexts Developed to Reach High Levels of Performance and Productivity.

Minister of Oil Jabbar Ali Al-Allaibi stressed the keenness of the ministry to create and develop the working staff in the oil sector according to the latest systems and scientific contexts developed to reach high levels of performance and productivity.

The minister instructed the Iraqi Oil Tankers Company to coordinate with the Arab Company for Marine Services, which was previously contracted to implement the project of establishing and building the Gulf Maritime Academy with the Maritime Museum in Basra in coordination with the local government in the governorate. And Iraqi naval commandos trained on the latest systems, science and techniques used in the management of the tanker sector.

The Minister praised the achievements achieved in the work of the Iraqi oil tankers company, especially after the partnership with the Arab Company for Marine Services, which is a positive result in achieving good financial revenues, as well as raising the level of performance and expertise and build technical and skill in the transfer of crude oil and oil derivatives to world markets.

The minister stressed the need to restore the company to its previous position in the field of maritime transport, regional and global.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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