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Ministry of Oil: Construction of a new pipeline for oil exports from Baiji to Vishkhabur

A New Pipeline for Oil Exports Extends from the Baiji District of Salahaddin Province to the Border Area of ​​Fishkhabur.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Oil for the Ministry of construction of a new pipeline for oil exports extends from the Baiji district of Salahaddin province to the border area of ​​Fishkhabur.
The ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said that Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi had instructed the companies and departments concerned in the ministry to prepare the papers for the new oil pipeline, which is implemented according to the investment formula (BOT) of the pipe section, which extends from Baiji to Vishkhabor, which transfers crude from the fields of Kirkuk to the port Ceyhan Turkish companies will be invited for this purpose in the near future.

Jihad added that the section of the old strategic pipeline of the distance mentioned has been greatly affected by the repeated targeting of the pipe and the abuses suffered as a result of sabotage operations of terrorist gangs and this impedes the rehabilitation and re-service again, so the new tube will be a substitute for the previous pipe.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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