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The Minister of Oil Orders the Provision of a Pet Scan for the Cancer Hospital in Basra

The Company to Equip The Child Hospital for Cancer Diseases in Basra,

The Minister of Oil Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luaibi received the delegation of ENI Italian company headed by Antonio Villa, head of the extraction sector in the company. During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations and the implementation of oil and social service projects.

He reviewed the company's activity in the Zubair field and stressed the importance of the companies to implement social projects for the people of the province.

 The minister instructed the company to build 12 schools in the province of Basra and finish them during the next year and participate in the campaign of the Ministry of Oil to plant a million palm trees.

He called on the company to equip the child hospital for cancer diseases in Basra, a device (pet scan), an important device for the initial diagnosis as well as other basic requirements 

The company won the rehabilitation of the Zubayr field within the licensing rounds to rehabilitate the oil fields 

Source: Ministry of Oil


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