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Iraq Pm Stresses The Necessity To Increase Oil Production

Investment is required to increase production

Dr. Hayder Al-Abadi the Iraqi prime minister visited the West Qurna 2 oil field in Basra province and met with the managers of Lukoil Company and briefed the reality of work in the oil fields.

Mr. Abadi said that it is necessary to invest the production increase according to the popular growth and the need for services. He pointed that the oil is the fortune of the Iraqi people and it is a duty to protect it and not allow any dereliction. He said also that the situation is under control and the companies should not fear of any threat because the government gave orders to protect the oil fields and the companies that are working there. He said also that any hindrance is rejected and considered as an assault against the people’s fortune which will not be allowed.

Mr. Abadi said also that the Iraqi government is working hard to protect the Iraqi fortune which is represented by oil which is the source of the Iraqi people’s wealth. And the government will do their responsibilities to protect the facilities and the employees in of Iraqi & foreign companies there