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Announcement from the Department of Petroleum Contracts and Licenses to Hold a Press Conference.

The Plans of the Ministry of Oil Based on its Policy and Approach to Exploit the Hydrocarbon Wealth (oil and gas) and Invest it for the Benefit of Iraq and its People,

In accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Oil based on its policy and approach to exploit the hydrocarbon wealth (oil and gas) and invest it for the benefit of Iraq and its people, the Department of Petroleum Contracts and Licenses is pleased to announce that the Honorable Minister of Oil held a press conference at 10 am on Monday 27/11/2017 And the Al-Aqsa Hall at the Ministry's headquarters, concerning the project of exploration, development and production of a number of exploratory wells and oil fields border land and sea in southern and central Iraq, and open invitation to representatives of oil companies qualified and willing to participate in the project to attend the conference in time and place See them above.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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