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Urgent ... Oil Minister announces the shutdown of Well 122 in the field of Bay Hassan in Kirkuk

The Success of Technical and Engineering Teams in the North Oil Company to Extinguish well 122 in the Field of Bay Hassan in Kirkuk.

 The Minister of Oil announced the success of technical and engineering teams in the North Oil Company to extinguish well 122 in the field of Bay Hassan in Kirkuk.

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that the national effort has contributed to extinguishing the well mentioned in a manner and in an innovative artistic way calculated for employees in the oil sector and in the North Oil Company.

Al-Luaibi added that the ministry, after recapturing the areas of Bay Hassan and Havana, had developed a plan to control the fire of well 122 in the field mentioned, which was detonated by gangs Daash terrorist on 17/5/2017.

Praising the efforts of employees of the North Oil Company and the efforts of the oil companies and the Energy and Civil Defense.

The Minister of Oil that the technical and engineering teams are currently the operations of extinguishing four wells detonated by terrorist gangs earlier, including one in the field of Olas and the remaining three in the oil field of Ajil.
Source: Ministry of Oil


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