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During a meeting with Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, the Minister of Oil confirms coverage of the need for Karbala of fuel

The Ministry has Plans to Develop the Iraqi iquidation Sector and the Establishment of new Investment Refineries to reach Self-Sufficiency and Turn Iraq into a Source Country for Oil Derivatives

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi stressed the keenness of the ministry to cover the actual need of oil derivatives for the holy province of Karbala and neighboring provinces during the visits of millions received by the province, especially the visits of forty and ten of Muharram,

As well as the implementation of oil and service projects in the province, came during a meeting with the representative of the religious authority in Karbala Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Karbalai.

The minister said that the ministry has prepared pre-emptive plans and preparations necessary for such visits, which include strengthening the strategic storage in the province of petroleum products, direct processing of fuel and liquid gas cylinders for the processions and bodies of the Husseiniya, bakeries, ovens and vehicles through the management of a number of mobile stations, The gas inside Karbala governorate and on the paths and roads used by visitors to ensure the necessary needs to serve the visitors.

Mr. Al-Luaibi said that the ministry has set up a special operations room under the supervision of the minister and the deputy agents and general managers to coordinate with the operations room in Karbala governorate and coordinate with the local government to find out the needs of the governorate of oil products to achieve high flow in the processing operations. Karbala, which is part of the ministry within the government effort prepared for this purpose.

On the other hand, the minister reviewed during the meeting with Sheikh Karbalai plans of the ministry to develop the oil industry in the country through the development of plans for the development of oil fields as well as the optimal investment of associated gas and stop burning during the coming years, and the use of this gas for export and the local need in the petrochemical and cement industries And other industries that will provide Iraq with substantial financial returns.

The minister added that Iraq has achieved self-sufficiency in the production of liquid gas and was able to export the surplus from the country's need of condensate and liquid gas, pointing out that the ministry is continuing to develop the oil and gas industry despite the financial and economic challenges.

He added that the ministry has plans to develop the Iraqi liquidation sector and the establishment of new investment refineries to reach self-sufficiency and turn Iraq into a source country for oil derivatives, stressing the ministry's keenness to meet the needs of citizens of fuel, especially liberated areas, where the ministry of the Ministry of the initiative in keeping with the processing of those Areas and camps of displaced persons directly with oil products in coordination with the security authorities.

The minister also reviewed during the meeting the representative of the religious authority plans the future ministry to develop oil and gas fields that have been restored in the provinces of "Kirkuk, Salah al-Din, Nineveh, Anbar" and work on the optimal investment of oil wealth throughout the country through the national effort, as well as the existence of plans for the ministry To involve the private sector in the development of the projects announced by the ministry in order to support this sector and the experience of modern, and also to give him the opportunity to participate in the development of the oil and gas sector vital and important to the economy of the country.

During the meeting, the minister pointed to the opening of the Ministry of Karbala warehouse with a capacity of 64 million liters for various fuels, which will provide strategic storage for the governorate and the surrounding areas, as well as the completion of the project of ball tanks for liquid gas as well as the construction of a residential complex for workers and paving of an important strategic road length of 80 km .

For his part, Sheikh Abdulmahdi Al-Karbalai praised the efforts of the Ministry of Oil and the progress and progress in its work, especially to meet the needs of citizens of petroleum products, in spite of the economic, financial and security challenges as well as the development that took place in the management of this sector. He also praised the humanitarian and service projects carried out by the Ministry.

He urged Sheikh Karbalai ministry to provide more service projects and humanitarian provinces, especially the oil provinces, which provide a lot of the economy of the country, including the provinces of Basra, Maysan and Nineveh and other provinces.

 For his part, the Minister thanked the establishment of the religious authority as well as service institutions and praise for its work.

The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Extraction Affairs, the Undersecretary of the Ministry for Distribution Affairs, the Inspector General, the General Managers of Oil Products Distribution Companies, the Pipelines, the Director of the Information Office and the Directors of the Companies' Branches in the Governorate.

Source: Ministry of oil


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