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The Ministry of Oil Confirms its Support for the Work of the Transparency Initiative for Extractive Industries

The Ministry's Activities Related to the Export Quantities and the Monthly Revenues, as well as Sending the Export information to the International Organizations

The adviser to the Ministry of Oil for Energy Dia Jafar keenness of the Ministry to support the work of the initiative of transparency of the extractive industries through the submission of reports on the production and export of Iraqi oil and gas to the international organizations concerned, as well as the deployment of global public opinion and local.

In a meeting with the Secretary General of the Initiative, Alaa Mohiuddin, in the presence of the member of the Stakeholder Council Saeed Yassin Moussa, the financial advisor Dr. Aziz Ja'far Abtan and the Legal Advisor Mohammed Al-Saadi said that the Ministry of Oil has many media activities that announce the export rates of crude and export from Condensate and liquid gas, as well as reports on the production of oil and gas fields. Calling on the initiative and other organizations concerned to convey the true picture and information on the subject transparently to the international community and to the concerned parties.

The minister said that the media statements issued by the ministry's media office always show the ministry's activities related to the export quantities and the monthly revenues, as well as sending the export information to the international organizations concerned, such as OPEC and the International Monetary Fund. In dealing with information, and this action is carried out by Iraq and do not believe that there is a state in the regional environment of Iraq to lead this activity.

The meeting reviewed the information needed to support and develop the work of the initiative in Iraq and the role of the ministry active in activating its requirements in the oil and gas sectors as an approved global standard.
Source: Ministry of Oil


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