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The Minister of Oil Appreciates the Efforts of the Employees of the Oil Products Distribution Company

The Company Employees and their Keenness to Transfer a Large Number of Oil Pipelines in the Province of Nineveh

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi praised the great efforts exerted by the employees of the oil products distribution company to protect the oil wealth in addition to their duties in providing oil derivatives to the citizens.

The Minister praised the efforts of the company employees and their keenness to transfer a large number of oil pipelines in the province of Nineveh to secure warehouses after finding them on the left side, which saves large amounts of federal treasury, and helps the ministry to implement projects in the province.

For his part, the Director General of Oil Products Distribution Company, Eng. Kazem Masir, pledged to exert utmost efforts to protect the national wealth and provide fuel to our citizens throughout the country. He pointed out that the company's staff in the Nineveh branch found large quantities near the big mosque on the left side of Mosul Of the specialized pipes (for the drilling of oil wells) is due to its return to the North Oil Company number of more than (500) pipe diameter 4 Ang 12 meters long, had been captured by terrorist gangs during the control of the province, and succeeded the company's tanks in the transfer of pipelines to the warehouses of the company in the Governor .

Source: Ministry of Oil


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