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In Implementation of the Directives of the Minister of Oil Jabbar Ali al Allaibi: Directly The Ministry's Operations Room to Ensure Fuel

24-Hour Work System to Provide Services to Incoming Vehicles to Transport Visitors or Private Vehicles Coming from the Provinces to Perform the Visit.

The Ministry of Oil announced the formation of an operations room and plans and preparations to ensure the needs of the bodies and processions Husseiniya vehicles and visitors during the visit of forty, this is in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Oil, Mr. Jabbar Ali Allaibi.

The Director General of Oil Products Distribution Company Engineer Kazem Mesir said that the Minister of Oil directed to form a special operations room in the ministry with the participation of all ministry formations to implement the plan prepared to provide for the needs of the bodies and processions of Husseiniyah vehicles and visitors of petroleum products during the visit of the forty, in the provinces of the Euphrates Middle, Holy Karbala, which will witness the flow of millions of visitors to perform the 40th visit.

The Director General said that committees have been set up to serve visitors and provide fuel to the authorities, covering the geographical area that extends from the province of Najaf to Karbala holy, where these committees distribute liquid gas, white oil and gas oil on the Husseinia processions for the extended distances from the borders of Diwaniya province, The center of Karbala, as well as the establishment of temporary yards for the sale of liquid gas on the (Yachsen road) between (Karbala - Najaf) equipped with thousands of cylinders will be the work of these squares is very important because of its strategic location and proximity to the processions and Mdazif Husseiniya in those areas, The other equipment is supplied through the salesman, as well as the continuous processing of liquid gas cylinders to the citizens in the residential neighborhoods in Najaf and other governorates.

Masir added that the company has mobilized all the wheels belonging to the ministry to transport visitors to and from holy Karbala, as a contribution of the ministry in the governmental effort to transport visitors before and after the visit, in addition to the heavy machinery belonging to the branch of the company to distribute oil products in Najaf in cooperation with the municipality Governorate to carry out a sweeping sweep of the visitors' road.

The Director General said that the ministry will extend the work of filling stations with a 24-hour work system to provide services to incoming vehicles to transport visitors or private vehicles coming from the provinces to perform the visit.

 He explained that the ministry's procedures for the processing of oil products and the transportation of visitors are in coordination with the concerned governorates and their councils and the Chamber of Operations of the forty visits.

On the other hand, the Director General of the Gas Filling Company Engineer Ali Al-Musawi said that the ministry is processing the holy threshold of 5000 cylinders of liquid gas for use in the host of the upper threshold and in the service of visitors. In addition, Gas reserve storage during periods of visit, in addition to opening outlets to sell liquid gas cylinders in the gas plants and directly to the owners of the processions Husseiniya and citizens and official.

Among the procedures of the ministry's operations room is to secure a large reservoir of petroleum products in the new Najaf warehouse to be used to secure the needs of the parties involved in the visit. In addition, the Najaf refinery will equip the Al-Haidariyah power plant with the black oil product to feed the province with electricity during the visit period. Landlords work around the clock to reach the highest levels of service to visitors.

Source:  Ministry of Oil


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