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Ministry of Oil: Direct processing of Citizens with White Oil in Baghdad According to the New Fuel Card

The Need to Receive New Fuel Cards and Distributed to Citizens in order to Accelerate Access to their Shares of White Oil and Alleviate their Suffering.

The Ministry of Oil announced the suspension of the processing of white oil through the former fuel card as of Friday 20/10/2017 and the adoption of processing according to the new fuel card.
 The director general of oil products distribution company Eng. Kazem Mesir said that the processing outlets started distributing white oil to the citizens in Baghdad as of Friday, adopting the new fuel card number (7) in quantity of (50) liters per family.

The Ministry of Oil stressed the agents of food in Baghdad, the need to receive new fuel cards and distributed to citizens in order to accelerate access to their shares of white oil and alleviate their suffering.  

Source: Ministry of oil


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