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The Ministry of Oil honors 550 Families of Martyrs of the Popular Crowd in the Province of Basra

The Great Sacrifices made by the Heroes of the Popular Crowd by Standing in Front of Gangs and Cowardly Terrorist

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein al-Luaibi said that the ministry is keen to continue its approach in support of the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd who proved to the whole world that they are loyal to their country and their sanctities, 

 This came during a ceremony held by the Central Committee to support the popular crowd in the ministry to honor the families of martyrs in the province of Basra. 

"Our national and humanitarian duty towards the families of those heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of holiness and the homeland requires us to do everything in our power to this noble elite of Iraqi society and to stand by them and assist them in various ways. Their children.

For his part, Chairman of the Central Committee to support the popular crowd / Undersecretary for the extraction of Karim Hattab, today and in coordination with the popular crowd was honored a new elite of families of martyrs in the province of Basra in recognition of the great sacrifices made by the heroes of the popular crowd by standing in front of gangs and cowardly terrorist, The most precious of what they have and sacrificed their lives in order to keep Iraq proud Abia, and keep his hair and sanctities preserved.

"The ministry has honored 550 families of martyrs' families," said Assem Jihad, spokesman for the ministry. "This is part of the activities and activities carried out by the Central Committee to support the popular mobilization in the ministry. The honorable battle that Iraq is waging against terrorism.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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