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The Ministry of Oil Warns Foreign Companies from Concluding Contracts Without Reference to the Government and the Ministry of Oil

The Government and the Ministry of Oil are Responsible for Drawing and Developing Strategies Related to Oil and Gas Wealth

The Ministry of Oil strongly warned all countries and international oil companies of contracting or agreement with any party inside Iraq without reference to the federal government or the Ministry of Oil.

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that irresponsible statements issued by some officials inside and outside Iraq or by foreign companies about their intention to contract or conclude oil contracts with this or that within the country's geographical borders without the knowledge of the federal government or the Ministry of Oil, And the violation of the national sovereignty and a clear violation of international norms, stressing that the Federal Government and the Federal Oil Ministry are the only bodies that have the constitutional and legal powers in the conclusion of contracts and agreements relating to the development and exclusion R oil and gas wealth.

Al-Allaibi said that the government and the Ministry of Oil are responsible for drawing and developing strategies related to oil and gas wealth in accordance with the constitution and the laws and powers and instructions in force, whether in the conclusion of agreements with countries or contracts with international companies, otherwise these agreements and contracts are illegal and non-binding to the Iraqi state and grant the right to the government and the ministry To take legal action in domestic and international courts in order to protect national wealth.

The Minister of Oil stressed that the government and the Ministry of Oil are keen to provide a safe environment for the work of international companies and protect their investments throughout Iraq, including the northern provinces.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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