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The Minister of Oil: The Return of the Fields of Bay Hassan and Havana to the National Production System

The Minister added that the Oil Wealth Belongs to the Iraqi People in all its Nationalities and Sects and Works for the Optimal Investment of National Wealth

The Minister of Oil praised the courage, sacrifices and courage of our armed forces in all their forms and formations in the extension of federal authority, constitution, law and legitimacy to the province of Kirkuk with the support of the popular mobilization forces and all its supporters.

"The wisdom and wisdom of the national military leadership represented by His Excellency the Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abadi, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces in the administration and command of military operations has contributed to the success of our heroic armed forces in the control of all installations and oil and gas fields in Kirkuk, And that dealing with events by our heroic forces professionally has enabled them to achieve their goals in record time and high flow.

He added that the restoration of control by the federal government and the Ministry of Oil on all facilities and oil fields and pumping stations and pipelines in the province of Kirkuk and all liberated areas, including the "disputed areas," will contribute to the situation in the right, pointing out that this will enable the Ministry Oil from starting towards the optimal investment of national wealth and the start of the development programs and development plans and ambitious to promote the oil industry in Kirkuk and to achieve an increase in production and exports.

Al-Allaibi said that the ministry has started procedures to receive the fields of "Bay Hassan" and "Havana" and pumping stations for oil exports through the northern port. The technical and engineering teams will assess the conditions and comprehensive review of the needs of these sites for management and operation by employees of the North Oil Company to prevent the suspension of activity Production and export of the province or of other northern cities.

The minister said that the ministry will proceed with the implementation of its plans and projects aimed at developing the oil fields in the province after the success of our heroic security forces in the extension of state authority and law on the province of Kirkuk and eliminate the state of rebellion and disobedience carried out by the governor and the provincial council over the past years, The Federal Government and the Ministry of Oil, thus violating the provisions of the Constitution and the authority of the State, which was a reason to hinder the Ministry's plans to develop and promote the reality of the oil and gas industry in the province, Moreover, the lack of political stability, security and social, Which led to chaos, exploitation, corruption and confusion in the management of the oil sector in the province, which was one of the main reasons for the reluctance of global investment and prevent the establishment of a refinery with modern technology had been called by the ministry earlier, in addition to impeding the development of oil fields and increase national production Of which to more than one million barrels per day in cooperation with one of the international companies.

  The Minister added that the oil wealth belongs to the Iraqi people in all its nationalities and sects and works for the optimal investment of national wealth and achieving the highest financial revenues and in support of the national economy and achieve a better future for our people in all our dear provinces and if the ministry started to develop the necessary plans to upgrade the oil industry in Kirkuk and other cities And work to achieve the optimal investment of gas associated with oil operations, and the implementation of plans aimed at providing and meet the needs of the province of oil derivatives.

He called on all concerned parties to cooperate with the ministry to maintain the flow of oil exports through the pipeline passing from the northern governorates to serve the public interest in order to achieve the highest financial revenues to replenish the federal treasury. Those who obstruct the flow of Iraqi exports will bear legal responsibility towards this.

The Ministry of Oil and the Iraqi people to preserve the national oil wealth and investment to optimize them and in support of the national economy and achieve a better future for the Iraqi people.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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