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Minister of Oil Orders the Care of Children with Cancer Diseases in Basra

Minister to Continue with the Management of the Hospital to Inspect the Condition of Patients and Meet their Needs,

Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Allaibi instructed the Director General of the Basra Oil Company to visit the specialized children's hospital in the province to find out the needs of the patients and the hospital of medical supplies and medicines and provide medical care for children with cancer diseases.

The Minister visited the hospital several times, and provided financial support to the hospital, as well as the distribution of gifts and financial assistance to children and their families to alleviate their suffering.

It is noteworthy that the ministry and through the directives of the Minister to continue with the management of the hospital to inspect the condition of patients and meet their needs, and that the subject is the attention of officials and their keenness to provide what can be provided to infected children, in addition to the Ministry through its formations provide other services to citizens in the province of Basra And to work to upgrade the level of these services through the support and implementation of a number of service projects, including the development of the river Al-Ashar and the project of establishing a tourist city in Muftiyah and the establishment and rehabilitation of schools.

Source: Ministry of Oil


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