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The Ministry of Oil: The Opening of the Clinic in the Oil Hospital in Basra

Specialized Hospital for Cardiology

Under the guidance of Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi, the Basra Oil Company opened the consulting clinic at the oil hospital in Basra province.

The clinic will be opened and equipped in two phases. The first is the consulting clinic which includes a general outpatient clinic, pediatric and dental clinics and occupational health to examine the company's staff who are exposed to diseases, magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray machines, an emergency department, Its services to all the sons of Basra.

The second phase, which is currently being processed, is a specialized hospital for cardiology, which includes operating theaters, patient reception halls and laboratories, and will be completed and opened in the next few months.

It is noteworthy that the coordination continues with the Department of Health in Basra to attract a number of doctors heart specialists to work in the hospital, has provided about 14 doctors specializing in heart disease to work, as for occupational health and the examination of cadres will be trained staff of the medical company in Baghdad, Great effort and financial resources.

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Oil reviewed the work progress and the completion rates in the hospital during his visit to the province of Basra, and instructed the need to speed up the completion of the work stages quickly and within the prescribed time.

It is worth mentioning that all the financial costs for the construction and processing of the hospital were carried out by the Basra Oil Company to provide medical services to the people of the province and always take precedence in their support and support.

Source: Minister of Oil


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