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Press Release: Ministry of Oil Issues Grave Warning...

The Ministry of Oil issues a grave warning directed at anyone attempting to abuse the national wealth or disrupt work progress.

The national wealth and economy depend on successful Iraqi oil exportation.

The Iraqi constitution states that hydrocarbon wealth belongs to the Iraqi citizens, in all their sects and nationalities, all across the Iraqi- lands from the north to the south and from the east to the west, “including Kurdistan.” And for the consequences of the referendum which was declared by Kurdistan and the governorates of Kirkuk & Diala. As well as for the commitment with the career, moral and national responsibility.

   The Ministry of Oil warns anyone attempting to take advantage of current circumstances and abuse the national wealth, or intervene in the work of oil companies in our governorates- including Kirkuk. The Ministry of Oil And refuses any intervention in the work and holds responsibility to all the concerned authorities to keep the oil facilities and the lives of the employees.

   The federal government was keen since 2003 to invest the oil wealth wisely and meet the needs of all the Iraqi citizens. “In spite of the disputes between the provincial government and the federal government,” about the oil policy and the management of the national wealth. A lack of commitment was illustrated from Kurdistan concerning the agreements on the federal budget, oil exportation, and agreements with the foreign companies by not properly informing the federal government. The Ministry of Oil was considering national interest above all disputes, which had no hindrance on the ministry's services to the citizens in the province; by meeting the needs of oil products, and sharing the outcome from the oil exportation from the middle & southern fields.

   The Ministry of Oil confirms on its commitment with national standards and its desire to invest and grow the national wealth wisely for the benefit of all the Iraqi people. It also demands that the oil sector remain separate from political disputes- and the use of the national wealth as a means to bargain above the national standards sanctioned. The Ministry urges all concerned authorities to separate themselves from narrow interests which do not serve the general interests for all, to work together to find solutions to solve problems; according to the constitution and the rules and instructions for the benefit of Iraqi citizens.

The Ministry of Oil.


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