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Iraq Ministry of Oil News: The Minister of Oil Declares the Establishment of Thi Qar Oil Company.

Mr. Al-Luiebi said during his speech that the ministry of oil is showing a great concern to the province and its citizens.

Mr. Jabbar Ali Hussein Al-Luiebi the minister of oil declared the establishment of Thi-Qar Oil Company. 

   That was during the celebration which was held in the headquarter of Nasiriya city by the presence of the mayor, the head of the provincial council, the members of the provincial council, members from the parliament energy committee, the inspector general of the ministry, directors general, responsible members of the ministry and the citizens of the province.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said during his speech that the ministry of oil is showing a great concern to the province and its citizens. He said also "the company is expected to be a promising one and we will support it". He said also that the province is considered as a promising one in the oil & gas industry. It also has a great reserve of national wealth and the ministry is working on to invest this wealth perfectly via the plans and programs which was made by it. As well as providing opportunities of cooperation & association with the well-known international companies to raise the production and develop the oil & gas industry.

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said also that the ministry is working on to develop the Nasiriya oil field and the other exploratory blocks & fields, in addition to the perfect investment for the associated gas with the oil operations which will contribute in raising the oil & gas production of the province, and participate positively on the economic & social reality of the citizens in the province. The ministry also called the international companies to invest in the Nasiriya refinery which is going to offer jobs for the citizens of the province and the private sector companies. Mr. Al-Luiebi said also "we hope to finish this case before the end of the year".

   Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the ministry is keen to develop the service & economic situation of the province by executing many projects concerned with developing the infrastructure of the province, the oil facilities, the pipelines, the reserve capacities and the other promising projects. In addition to the great concern of the ministry to execute the service projects which will improve the presented service to the citizens.

   Mr. Yahia Al-Naseri the mayor of Thi-Qar praised the efforts of the ministry of oil to develop the oil & gas industry, and he was hopeful that Thi-Qar Oil Company will contribute in improving the economic & service reality in the province.


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