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Established Iraqi Company Dijla Alklood Offers Efficient, Cost Effective General Contracting Solutions for the Iraqi Market

Dijla Alklood has played a pivotal role in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure and in fulfilling civil infrastructure project requirements.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 9, 2017/RebuildingIraq/ --- Founded by Mr. Al Tamimi in 2006, Dijla Alklood is now a major presence in Iraq amongst General Contracting Service companies. The company has consistently delivered high-quality services to clients and investors—many of whom doubled their initial investments in 2011 leading to a period of economic growth. 

Dijla Alklood has played a pivotal role in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure and in fulfilling civil infrastructure project requirements. Dijla Alklood offers a range of products and services that in the past have included building bridges such as the Al Graiaat - Al Kadimiya floating Bridge in Baghdad and the Al Sarrafiya Bridge also in Baghdad; designing residential complexes, vast building renovations and major electrical projects, such as power plants.

Majid A. Al Tamimi General Manager and Founder reiterated the company’s goals, “Our objective is to contribute to the Iraqi national development plan for economic growth, provide a safe work environment and a return on investment to our clients and contributors.” Dijla Alklood’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Hayder Al Tamimi has also been instrumental in developing excellent customer relations and providing support for the many projects that have been awarded to the company.

Dijla Alklood’s value is proven with a successful track record in providing quality contractors and equipment for a diverse range of construction projects that have included the Al Alwiya Communication Central, Al Najaf Residential Complex, Najaf, the Al Khalis Housing Complex, Lady of Saving Church, heavy equipment for Saad Camp, Engineering and mechanical works for the Al Taji Gas Plant, Waste Management for Balad Air Force Base for Sallyport Global Holdings and collaborations with various international companies such as KBR, Halliburton, FLOUR, Tribalco, CHS Medical, Stirlingals, Envista, Michael Baker International, Kaseman, MGT Group.

Dijla Alklood also provides mechanical services, and items such as A/C units, office and furniture, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, carpets, cleaning and hygiene products, machines parts, plumbing parts, water pumps, safety equipment and gear, food supplies, computers and laptops, office stationary, vehicles and parts, heavy machinery leasing, oxygen tanks, and fire extinguishers.

The delivery of quality products and services is underscored by the commitment to the latest safety standards and regulations along with successful collaborations with firms such as FAO Engineering in order to fulfill the company’s mission to “pursue major international contracts” and deliver the first-rate results Dijla Alklood is known for. 

About Dijla Alklood

Dijla AlKlood is a general contracts and services company, specializing in civil, electric, construction and mechanical projects. We provide services and equipment to international companies conducting business in Iraq. Professional staffing such as Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, IT Technicians, Administrative Personnel, Interpreters, Mechanics, Chefs, Electricians, HVAC Technicians, Masons, Plasters, Painters, Tile Installers, Plumbers, Heavy Machinery Operators, Carpenters, Welders, Blacksmiths are also available through our company.

Please visit www.dijlaalklood.com for more information. 


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