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Unaoil Scandal's First Report Presented Before Iraqi Parliament, MP

MP Mazin al-Mazini pointed that the Commission is calling the personalities that have connections with the case

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the

corruption case of Unaoil Company disclosed that the first report shall be sent to the parliament within the coming few days, pointing that accusations were made against a number of personalities at the current and ex-governments.

MP Mazin al-Mazini pointed that the Commission is calling the personalities that have connections with the case, including senior officials at the oil ministry and other personalities that were referred to during the investigations.

An investigative report was published by Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post stirred the case to open, where it accused ex-oil minister Hussein al-Shahristani and other Iraqi officials of "a corruption scandal".

On 2 April, 2016, Iraqi Premier Haidar al-Ibadi directed the Integrity Commission to follow the legal procedures on this case.

After a six-month investigation across two continents, Fairfax Media and The Huffington Post can reveal that billions of dollars of government contracts were awarded as the direct result of bribes paid on behalf of firms including British icon Rolls-Royce, US giant Halliburton, Australia’s Leighton Holdings and Korean heavyweights Samsung and Hyundai.

The investigation centers on a Monaco company called Unaoil, run by the jet-setting Ahsani clan. Following a coded ad in a French newspaper, a series of clandestine meetings and midnight phone calls led to our reporters obtaining hundreds of thousands of the Ahsanis’ leaked emails and documents.

The trove reveals how they rub shoulders with royalty, party in style, mock anti-corruption agencies and operate a secret network of fixers and middlemen throughout the world’s oil producing nations.

Corruption in oil production - one of the world's richest industries and one that touches us all through our reliance on petrol - fuels inequality, robs people of their basic needs and causes social unrest in some of the world's poorest countries. It was among the factors that prompted the Arab Spring..

Source: Iraq TradeLink


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