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Al Fayha Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Build Biggest Mall in Basra Region in Iraq

Al-Fayha HSE MOTTO is SAFETY FIRST, by giving priority the rules and principles of HSE throughout all its work performance and services.

Al-Fayha Newsletter September 2016 

Issue No. 09/2016     Issue date: 10th Nov. 2016

1. AL-FAYHA signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Construction the Foundations of the biggest Commercial Mall in Basra Region, named “BASRA MALL” Project.
Al-Khoura Company for Tourism & Investment who is the Investor of Basra Mall Project.
Mr. Abdul Hassan Al-Helow, the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Company describes the intention of the Mall Project first priority is to provide Basra Region inhabitants luxurious life entertainment and to be the starting gate of a better life that corresponds with the requirement and achievement of Al-Basra people by considering the economic resources of their City, which is one of the wealthiest Cities of the world that has suffered in all past decades from lack of such enjoyment and luxurious entertainment places. 

Al-Fayha Contributes to the Country’s Infrastructural Development. And it has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with an Iraqi Investor for the construction of the Biggest Luxurious Commercial Mall in Basra at Al-Khoura District, Basra-Iraq.

The Event was hosted by the Governor of Basra Region, his Excellency Dr. Majed Al-Nasrawi.   The Memorandum was counterparty signed by four Companies, Al-Fayha Precast Co., along with other three foreign companies, each for its specialized field of construction.    A final Contract will be signed soon by each of these companies in accordance with the International mechanism of Terms & Conditions of the Projects Contract. 

BASRA MALL PROJECT is considered as the launching point towards a space that expands with the ambitions and dreams of Basra people.   
The adopted design of the Mall was described to be one of the modern Architectural designs adopted by international developed cities of the world.   The Architectural idea used employs the latest modern theories of engineering principles and standards, which suits the environmental climate and the social aspects of Basra people.

THE MALL DESIGN Structure consist of Five Storey building, which share One Central Open View Roof to the Sky, covered with high quality Glass Roof that can be seen through the outside environment light, while in the same time, it protects the inside  climate of the Mall.  
The First Floor of the Mall consist of an open area which is the Central Point of all other floors and the main ground space for all Entry and Exit gates of the Mall, which is open to the Sky view covered with Glass Roof.   All other floors are open through this view, and besides to the external environment about Al-Khoura.

THE FIRST FLOOR DESIGN Structure Consists:   Ski and Snowboard Hall for entertainment that holds 60-75 persons at a time, the Skiing Hall is out-looked by all other surrounded floors from the top.   
Furthermore, the availability of other recreational activities Halls and luxurious places, such as cafeterias, ice cream shops, restaurants, Occasions Celebration Hall, etc.. 
The Mall building is accompanied by a parking area building that consists of eight floors, well designed for parking purpose which has well designed Entrance and Exit gates.

2. Our Company contributes to the Oil & Gas Sector. 
And has recently signed a Contract with Local Company for the manufacturing and delivery of Precast Concrete pieces of (Manhole) for Electrical Cables Extension at Hammar Mishrif Oil Field in North Zubeir, (New DGS Station), Al-Basra.   The Hammar Mishrif Field is considered one of the largest Oil Fields in Basra Governorate and it is invested by ENI-Iraq B.V. 
For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept. Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com 

3. Our Company Contributes to the Governmental Sector/ Ministry of Education - Al-Basra Region. 

Our Company has recently signed an agreement with Local Contractor for the Supply, Delivery & Pumping of RMC concrete “Grade; C-30”, for the construction of School Building, at Al-Zubeir District in Al-Basra  Governorate.   

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept. 
Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com 

4. Our Company continues to participate in Private Sector and has recently signed several contracts with Private Local Contractors for the supply, delivery and pumping of RMC concrete Grade; “C-25 & C-30”  for various construction projects in different locations such as; “Commercial Building in Ashar”, “Storage Buildings in Bahadaria & Al-Zubeir” and “Residential Houses in Al-Mutaiha & Al-Jamhouria” at Al-Basra City.   

For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Dept. Email: marketing.fayha@al-fayhagroup.com 


Our Company is committed to comply with the International “HSE" & Environmental: Standards and Principles, While, it also safeguards the National “HSE Rules & Regulations” adaptation of the Country. 
Through this commitment, we were awarded the International ISO Certificates OHSAS 18001:2007 for HSE & ISO 14001:2004 for Environment.

On the basis of this achievement, our Company declares its HSE Policy through “Publication and Awareness” trainings, which are systematically and periodically conducted by our Safety Department Team.

Al-Fayha HSE MOTTO is SAFETY FIRST, by giving priority the rules and principles of HSE throughout all its work performance and services.    

Our Company Develops HSE programs and applies the best Safety Procedures throughout its workers and services performance.   Al-Fayha is also committed to safeguard and comply with all HSE requirement and to find out appropriate solutions to the Environmental impacts related in its field of work.

Affects AND “Control & Procedures”:
The rules and procedures that should be observed before the execution of the works:-
PPE Provision and other Protection Equipment related with each specific work such as the below detailed, but not limited to:-
Possible Affects:
Ear & eye affects.
Possible affects to skin and lungs.
Body injuries.
Possible fall incidents from working at height places.
Other body affects caused by related general works.
Other protection equipment:-
Fire Fighting Extinguishers.
Warning Signs, posters, etc…



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