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Fellow Arab Countries are Urged to Engage with $22US Billion in Projects designated to Rebuild Iraq

The call was made by Chairman of the Federation of Arab Contractors Fahd Al Hammadi at a conference held in Amman

There are $22US billion in projects designated to rebuild Iraq, and Arab countries have been strongly encouraged to engage in the infrastructure.  

Fahd Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Federation of Arab Contractors called for Arab countries to participate in the enormous project and investment opportunity 


Mr. Hammadi also stated to an audience of Arab business people, “Currently, there are opportunities for investing in projects worth around $22 billion in Iraq in infrastructure and many other fields. Arabs need to do more to engage in the process of rebuilding Iraq.This event provides a great platform for building partnerships and exchanging ideas,” said Hammadi, stressing that need for financing institutions and banks in the Arab world to effectively partake in the process of rebuilding Iraq through extending necessary finance for several projects. 


The ambassador of Iraq to Jordan, Safia Al Souhail also stressed the importance of Arab businesses engaging with the rebuilding of Iraq, “Rebuilding Iraq is a key tool to fight terrorism,” said Ms. Al Souhail, she added, “Iraq has given a lot to all, now it looks for your support to be rebuilt. We need Arab and international community’s support,” said the Iraqi diplomat.




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