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Iraq will Export Oil to Jordan in New Pipeline Project

Baghdad has announced recently changes to the route of the pipeline to speed up the construction of the $15 billion project

Iraq's ambassador to Jordan, Safia Al Souhail has announced an oil pipeline from Iraq to Jordan will begin construction this year and will fulfill Jordan's oil requirements.  

Al Souhail recently stated in a statement to the Jordan Times and described the multibillion project as "very important...There is huge support from our government to the project and we expect more steps to be taken this year regarding its implementation."  Various international companies will help construct the $15US billion dollar project which has been revised to speed up the completion of the project. 

Before the Iraq encountered the crippling internal conflict, Jordan received 10,000 barrels per day and imported 97% of its energy resources annually. Originally the pipeline was intended to be 1,680 km long that would pump 1million bpd from Basra to Aqaba Port in the Arabian gulf, including 258 million cubic feet of gas. 

Jordan will receive an approximate 150,000 bpd and will generate $3US billion in revenue. 


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