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Kurdistan Regional Government Releases Export Report Numbers for April 2016

KRG received $376,395,901 in April from crude exports and $58,895,901 was paid to producers.

The report details: All oil export volumes through the KRG-Ceyhan crude oil pipeline; all crude oil cargoes lifted from Ceyhan by the buyers; and the revenues received on account by the KRG during the month.

1.Ceyhan Port saw  15,356,651 barrels of crude oil (511,888 barrels per day (bpd)) in April.
2. The pipeline was down for 7 hours.
3. Buyers of KRG crude oil lifted 17 cargoes in Ceyhan (totaling 15,267,542 barrels).

KRG received $376,395,901 in April from crude exports and $58,895,901 was paid to producers. 

Number of crude oil barrels sold in Ceyhan: 14,241,714
Number of crude oil barrels lifted in Ceyhan against 2015 debt: 1,025,828
Gross export revenue received in April: $376,395,901

Source: Kurdistan Regional Government 


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