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Iraqi Minister of Oil Signs Memorandum with Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Minerals

Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi signed in Cairo a memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian minister of petroleum and minerals Mr. Farooq Al-mullah

 During a visit to Egypt, Mr. Adil Abd Al-Mahdi the Minister of Oil in Iraq participated in discussions with Egypt and Jordan about the possibility of an oil and gas pipeline. 

The visit was intended to finalise and sign a memorandum in Cairo that indicates Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi and the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Minerals that would provide cooperation in crude oil,gas, drilling, refining, pipeline extension, infrastructure and training sector.  Also, Mr. Al-Mullah along  with Mr. Al-Mullah and the Jordanian minister of Minerals Mr. Ibrahim Saif signed an agreement to extend a pipeline from Basra to Aqaba.

Additionally, Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Jordanian & Egyptian counterparts in Amman at the 15th of November 2015  in order to strengthen the common cooperation by extending a 490 kilometers oil pipeline from the Iraqi lands to the Aqaba port in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and then to North Africa via Egypt. This project is supposed to start in the middle of 2016 and it is considered as an investment project because it will add another port for exportation in order to raise the export capacities of Iraq.


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