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Iraq Minister of Oil Meets with Venezuelan, Qatari and Iranian Ministers to Discuss Oil Prices

Oil prices drop effected directly on the international economy

Mr. Adil Abd Al-Mahdi the minister of oil met in Tehran in a meeting with the ministers of oil of Iran, Venezuela and Qatar. 

Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi said that the members of OPEC, as well as the producers outside OPEC continued on their meetings and discussions in order to make an agreement to support the oil prices in the global market. He said also that the members of the meeting welcomed the participation of the Russian minister of oil in the meeting which was held in Doha in the 16th of February.

Mr. Abd Al-Mahdi confirmed that the oil prices drop effected directly on the international economy and the historic responsibility of the producers requires from them to speed up to find the positive solutions in order to maintain a normal oil price. He said also that Iraq supports any decision that can help the producers to raise the prices and maintain stability between supply & demand. He said also that the closeness between the producers inside and outside OPEC is a correct step towards organizing the production in the global market. 


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