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Iraq Announces Plans to Construct World’s Tallest Building

Architecture Firm, AMBS has designed the “beacon for Iraq’s future."

Architecture Firm, AMBS has designed the “beacon for Iraq’s future,’ the Bride set to begin construction on the Shatt al-Arab river in Basra. The proposal outlines four conjoined towers, the tallest of the four, Tower 1 will reach 964 meters high, with a 188 meter high antenna.

Even though this means the Bride will be the world’s tallest building, Marcos De Andres, director at AMBS Architects, said in a recent interview, "that was never the ambition."

 "It was to build the most advanced, sustainable… vertical city," he added. "It's the most logical way of doing it… a conjoined system of towers that are connected horizontally. It's the most stable structure."

De Andres has said the building will be completely solar powered and Tower One will provide shade for other three towers. Another industrious feature will be integrated photovoltaic thermal panels (PVTs) – which generate both electricity and heat.

With stability comes safety, according to AMBS, with the towers offering "several alternative access and escape routes via horizontal and vertical circulation." Basra is also Iraq’s main port and a crucial component in the country’s oil industry. 


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