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Iran to Resume Gas Supplies to Iraq on New Agreement

The Iraqi delegation's visit to Iran ends positively as they reached an agreement to resume the Iranian gas supply to Iraq.

Iraqi State News Agency quoted Electricity Minister Adel Karim announcing that an agreement has been reached on Thursday between Iraq and Iran for the restoration of Iranian gas supplies to Iraq, with Baghdad repaying debts owed to Tehran.

The electrical ministry reported in December 2021 that a reduction in Iranian gas supplies had resulted in a power loss of roughly 3,400 megawatts.

On Tuesday, an Iraqi delegation led by Karim traveled to Tehran to negotiate the resumption of Iranian gas deliveries.

According to Ahmed Mousa, a spokeswoman for the Iraqi power ministry, the visit went "positively" with the two sides striking an agreement to restore natural gas deliveries to Baghdad.

The visit focused on increasing the volume of Iranian gas imports to properly meet Iraq's needs, as well as paying debts. She added that the ministry hopes to add four thousand megawatts with the entry of additional units, raising production to 25 thousand megawatts in the summer.

The delegation's visit came just less than two weeks since the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi authorized the electrical ministry to send a delegation to Iran to negotiate natural gas supplies.

Iraq expects to receive 55 million cubic feet of gas from Iran beginning May 1, double the amount it currently receives which is 25 million.


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