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Iraq to Sign Qatar Gas Import Deal Next Month

Iraq plans to sign a contract with Qatar to import LNG, replacing part of Iran's exports.

Iraq intends to sign a contract with Qatar next month to import liquefied natural gas, ensuring enough fuel for power generation while also diversifying its supply sources.

In an interview, Iraqi electricity minister Adel Kareem claimed that buying Qatari LNG will help replace part of Iran's gas exports, as the latter has had difficulty providing Iraq's gas needs due to its own domestic demand.

Kareem explained that they have no other options, stressing their need for energy. They will need Qatari gas to make up for a shortfall in Iranian gas deliveries, despite high costs.

Iraq is investing billions of dollars to increase its gas production in order to avoid supply disruptions, which have caused significant power outages and instability in recent years. According to Kareem, the US firm Excelerate Energy may provide a vessel to receive and regasify LNG from Qatar.

The minister intends to lead a mission to Iran in the near future to examine supply and payment arrangements.


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