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High Ranking WHO Representatives Visits Iraq to Improve Health Security

High-ranking representatives from WHO visited Baghdad and Erbil to conclude their evaluation of Iraq's national preparedness and performance in response to Covid-19.

A World Health Organization (WHO) high-level delegation completed a five-day visit to Baghdad and Erbil to conclude Iraq's Universal Health and Preparedness Review (UHPR) process.

The UHPR is a governmental review process led by the WHO Member States in which countries mutually agree to a frequent and transparent peer-to-peer evaluation of their national preparedness capacities and health system performance in response to various hazards and threats affecting public health.

This effort intends to bring together the country's key stakeholders in a spirit of unity and mutual trust in order to foster more effective national coordination and international collaboration, thereby strengthening the country's health security.

WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, applauded Iraq for its efforts in improving Covid-19 preparedness and response, further stating that he looks forward to more investment to boost the national health system.

He expressed confidence in Baghdad's political leadership and health experts' ability to overcome all obstacles and progress the country's health system.

His Excellency (HE) Prime Minister Mostafa Al-Kadhimi and other high-level officials, including Iraq's Minister of Health, HE Dr. Hani Mousa Al Iqabi, met with the high-level delegation led by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari.

They discussed the Iraqi Health System's performance in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including its strengths and areas in need of improvement, both in terms of the health system's development and in health security areas such as preparedness and response to emergencies and outbreaks.

Dr. Ahmed Zouiten, WHO Representative and Head of Mission in Iraq, stated that the WHO is proud of its achievements thus far and that it is fully prepared to strengthen engagement with the Iraqi government and people at all levels in order to achieve the greatest possible health results for everyone in Iraq and beyond.


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