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Iraq and Kuwait Have Their Eyes on New Hydrogen and Solar Projects

Iraq and Kuwait set on developing renewable energy projects centered on solar and hydrogen.

Iraq and Kuwait are developing new renewable energy projects centered on solar and hydrogen, according to a statement from senior officials from the oil-rich producer countries on February 20.

Kuwait's oil minister, Mohammad Alfares, told the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Riyadh that his country is working on a low-carbon policy that will smooth its transition through to 2035 continuously.

According to Alfares, the northern Gulf state is planning a pilot project in blue and green hydrogen technology, noting that it is being studied and will soon be piloted.

Kuwait also intends to build a 2-Gigawatt (GW) wind and solar project, which the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects will tender.

Meanwhile, Iraq's oil minister, Ihsan Ismail, told IPTC that the country is contemplating strategic renewable energy adoption as a method to break itself off of Iranian gas and electricity imports.

Ismail stated that it is costly for Iraq to continue to rely on hydrocarbons for power generation.

He added that Iraq is now experiencing a gas scarcity, which they eased by purchasing gas from sources outside Iraq. He also noted that moving forward with solar energy is not only good for the environment, but it is also a commercial problem on which they have plenty of room to expand.

Iraq, OPEC's second-largest producer, relies on oil revenues to fund up to 90% of its government spending.


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