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Qatar Gas to be Imported in 15 Months Depending on Talks and Infrastructure Finalization

Iraq may be able to begin importing Qatari gas in a year to 15 months to reduce Iranian import reliance.

In 15 months, Iraq may be able to import Qatari gas depending on the pace of discussions and finalization of infrastructure needed to handle it, which will partly replace Iran's energy supply, according to Iraq's acting power minister's statement on the 9th of February.

Adel Karim stated that once given cabinet approval for their proposals, they will immediately begin the actual work, preparing the gas platform and purchasing gas from Qatar.

According to him, importing gas necessitates and the construction of infrastructure will take anywhere from a year to 15 months, depending on the deal. He further emphasized the necessity of this contract, citing Iraq cannot continue to rely just on one gas supplier.

On February 6, Karim paid a visit to Qatar and met with Saad al-Kaabi, the country's minister of state for energy, to discuss gas imports.

Iraq imports gas and electricity from Iran to meet power shortages, but due to technical and financial issues, the country's neighbor has been unable to supply it on a regular basis.

Iraq has been forced to explore alternatives, such as Qatari gas after Iran halted or decreased gas and electricity supplies to Iraq last year and recently.


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