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Three Solar Projects with a Total of 300 MW to be Constructed in Kurdistan

Three firms will each construct a solar park with a combined capacity of 300 MW in the Kurdistan Region as part of Kurdistan's long-term plan for 900 MW of clean energy by 2030.

After winning a bid in Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan, a group of firms will create three solar parks with a combined capacity of 300 Megawatts (MW), according to the Arab country's official daily Al Sabaah on Wednesday. These projects are part of Kurdistan's long-term aim to generate 900 MW of clean energy by 2030.

According to an official of the Ministry of Electricity, they have chosen three local companies that would develop the solar plants each of 100 MW in the governorates of Duhok, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah.

Starting in early 2022, the projects will be completed in six months, with power from the parks being put into the public grid.

Apart from large-scale initiatives, there are already photovoltaic systems on rooftops installed by private families and companies in the region, and the surplus electricity generated by these systems can be channeled into the grid, according to the ministry official. 

The electricity supplied to the system will be calculated using digital meters, and its value will be deducted from the photovoltaic system owners' electricity bills.


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