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Iraq Initiates Power Network Linking with Jordan

Iraq began works to link its power network with Jordan to address chronic power shortages.

Local news agency states that Iraq has begun work on a project to connect its power network with Jordan's as part of post-war preparations to address chronic power shortages that had forced the country to rely heavily on electricity imports from Iran.

According to Iraqi Electricity Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Abadi, the initiative runs concurrently with another plan to construct a unified electricity system with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

He added that the first phase of the power link has begun, and the project includes the construction of a power-producing facility and the installation of cables with a capacity of 400 megawatts (MW).

Roughly 87% of a project to connect Iraq's electricity grid with the GCC has been completed, with phase 1 supplying Iraq with 500 MW.

The project, which will connect electricity plants in South Iraq and South Kuwait, has been approved for funding by the GCC's six development funds.

Iraq, which sits atop the world's fifth-largest recoverable oil supply, has also committed to building solar power plants to reduce power imports and fulfill rising domestic demand following war damage to the country's power infrastructure.


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