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Hajj Land Route Construction Commences After 7 Year Delay

Construction on the Hajj land route in Najaf province had resumed after a seven-year hiatus, confirmed by Iraqi officials on Saturday.

After a seven-year delay, Iraq has resumed construction of the Hajj land route in Najaf province.

According to Najaf governor Luay al-Yassiry, this is one of Iraq's important initiatives, and it would revive the old land route for the Hajj pilgrimage.

Because Najaf is Iraq's gateway to Saudi Arabia, the road will benefit both the country and the governorate, said the official, who also blamed the Ministry of Construction and Housing for the project's delay.

He stated that the financial crisis and the COVID-19 epidemic are two of the key causes for the project's postponement.

According to Muhammad Ali Jassim, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the route is around 239 kilometers long and will be built in stages.

Each stage of the project will include the construction of 50 kilometers of roadway.

Residents will also benefit from enhanced access to the province's core as a result of the project.


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