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Turkish Defense Tech Firm to Deliver Aerostat and Airship Systems to Iraq

Otonom Teknoloji, the privately-owned defense tech firm, will deliver aerostat and airship systems to Iraq.

Otonom Teknoloji, a privately-held Turkish defense technology firm, has announced that it has struck an agreement with the Iraqi government to deliver aerostat and airship systems.

On the 17th of October, the company stated that the arrangement will include future technological know-how transfer and co-production potential. The sale's financial specifics were kept under wraps.

According to its website, Otonom Teknoloji manufactures a variety of airborne surveillance devices, including the Tepegöz unmanned airship and the Doruk "water-drop shaped aerostat." These systems are available in three main configurations: tactical, operative, and strategic.

The Doruk can fly up to 1,500 meters and carry a payload of 500 kg, while the Tepegöz can fly up to 3,000 meters. The aerostat can operate for up to a week without interruption.

Aerostat systems were created by Otonom Teknoloji for port security, reconnaissance, critical facility protection, intelligence, surveillance, and communications operations.

On October 2nd, a Turkish defense procurement group paid a visit to Baghdad. Iraqi authorities claimed they will talk about buying Turkish-made TB-2 armed drone systems, T129 attack helicopters, and electronic warfare systems after the visit.


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