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Iraq's Crude Exports Increases Slightly In October

Iraq's October oil exports amounted 3.12 million bpd according to SOMO figures, a slight increase from September's 3.08 million bpd average.

According to preliminary figures from state-owned oil marketing business SOMO, Iraq's oil exports in October amounted to 3.12 million barrels per day (bpd).

This is a marginal increase in export quantities over September's average of 3.08 million bpd.

SOMO'S data for the most recent comparable period, November 2020, states that Iraq's crude exports were 2.71 million bpd

Oil exports from Iraq's southern and central oil fields totaled 93.4 million barrels in October 2021, while volumes exported from Kirkuk oilfield through the port of Ceyhan totaled 3.01 million barrels, and export amounts to Jordan totaled 0.31 million barrels.

With an average price per barrel of $79.4, crude oil exports in October brought in $7.68 billion in revenue.


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