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Iraq Grants Design Contract for 90,000 Housing Project

A consortium of companies has been given the contract to prepare plans for the extension of Al-Sadr City in Baghdad. The project involves the construction of 90,000 residences.

An Iraqi official has announced that a consortium of companies has been awarded a contract to prepare plans for a project to extend Al-Sadr City in the capital Baghdad.

According to Iraqi cabinet secretary-general Hamid Al-Ghazi, quoted by Aliqitsad News and other Iraqi sources, the project entails the construction of roughly 90,000 residences in that city to relieve crowding, as well as other infrastructure and services.

He stated that the government has approved a portion of the project's funding in the fiscal year 2021 budget and that it will be launched after the design studies are done.

Gazi also added that a group of consulting firms has begun developing concepts for this important project, however, the firms involved are yet to be identified.

Currently, the authorities are assessing the project's expenditures, which are part of various building programs initiated by Iraq following the war to address the country's housing issue.

The initiative for the construction and extension of the City, a vital district suburb of Baghdad that was formerly known as Saddam City and has a population of about one million, was recently approved by Iraq's cabinet.


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