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Iraq's Total Exports in September Higher By 1.3 Percent

Iraq's total exports for the month of September was higher by 1.3% which primarily due to the output from the Kurdish region.

Iraq's total exports for the month of September was higher by 1.3%. The increased output has been attributed to the higher production from its semi-autonomous Kurdish region.

The oil country's exports went up to 3.063 million barrels per day (bpd) in September from 3.023 million bpd in August. Still this was the lowest export rate since March of 2015 according to some data. 

Of the total exports, 2.613 million bpd was from the federal government which was slightly higher than last month's 2.597 million bpd and 450,000 bpd was from the Kurdish region which is higher by about 5.6% than its previous month's output of 426,000. Figures were from the Turkish port of Ceyhan report issued by local shipping agents.

This prompted Iraqi officials to blame the Kurdistan Regional Government of failing to comply with OPEC+ production cuts. Due to this the federal government has to make up for the overproduction.

The KRG however denied the accusations.


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