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Iraq's Fuel Donation To Lebanon Turned Out Unfit For Use

Right after the blast that ripped through the center of Lebanon, Iraq donated over a million liters of fuel which unfortunately turned out unusable.

Right after an explosion in the capital of Lebanon, Iraq dispatched over a million liters of fuel that is intended for use in the country's electricity production.

However, after examination, the fuel has been determined to be unfit for use in electricity factories and power plants. The 1,800,000 liters of gas oil are in the Zahrani Power Plant but after these findings it will be distributed to the different units of the army for their use. 

Even then, Lebanon's Energy Ministry expressed their gratitude to Iraq for their donation and the support they've provided. Iraq donated over 13,000 tons of wheat to Lebanon aside from the fuel which helped effectively in filling the gap caused by the explosion when their grain silos were also among those destroyed.

Lebanon has been in talks with Iraq over the possibility of importing crude oil as their contract with current suppliers is due to end next year. 



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