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Over 85 M Barrels Of Crude Exported By Iraq In July

Iraq has exported more than 85 million barrels of crude oil last month based on the report by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

For the whole month of July Iraq's crude oil exports has reached 85.66 million barrels according to the report from the Iraqi Oil Ministry, bringing the country's revenue to over 3 billion in US dollars.

This amounts to an average of 2.76 million barrels per day during the 31 days of July based on the data from the State Organization for Marketing of Oil.

According to Asim Jihad, crude oil revenues increased in the last month compared to the previous months notwithstanding the reduction in production imposed by the OPEC+. Asim Jihad is the ministry spokesman for Iraq.

Of these exports, about 52.7 million barrels were from Iraq's central and southern oil fields while around 2.7 million were from the northern province of Kirkuk. Included were the 261,894 barrels of crude oil exported to Jordan within the same month.


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