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Oilfield in Iraq Stops Production Due To Virus Scare

Gharraf oilfield halts production as Petronas pulls out its workers from the site.

With the immediate pull out of workers from the Gharraf oilfield by Malaysia's Petronas company, Iraqi oilfield officials were forced to stop production. No prior official statement or communique has been issued by the company to the Iraqi officials which were caught off-guard.

Operator Petronas was said to have evacuated their personnel due to the increasing threat caused by the spread of the coronavirus in Iraq. The crises has already disrupted a large number of oil companies as they try to protect their employees from getting infected with the virus. A significant number of them such as Exxon, BP, Kinder Morgan, and Shell have already required their staff to work from home.

This recent event is a big burden to the small country of Iraq which also has to combat the rapid increase of the virus within their populace. Iraq is dependent on their oil production for income and the drop in production is hitting their economy really bad.



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