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Positive news in Iraq see's rapid growth in Rebuilding Iraq's Facebook Page

The group has grown from 300 to over 3000 followers in a month with over 90% coming from Iraq

Rebuilding Iraq Facebook page has seen a huge upsurge in interest, increasing by more than 3000 likes in just over a month.  With over 90% of the audience being based in Iraq, and a 100 new Iraqi followers a day who follow the page to be kept up-to-date of latest contracts and award happening in the country. 
The majority of people in Iraq get their information through mobile websites, due to the high cost of owning a computer, and this has meant websites like Facebook are getting used to access the latest business information within the country as well as for the normal social use.  Rebuilding Iraq (http://www.rebuildingiraq.net) is a news, project and procurement portal focusing on new business and contracts in Iraq.  
Alastair Caithness, Director at Bizcon Solutions who operate Rebuilding Iraq said,
Our portal was originally designed to focus on oil contracts in order for International Companies to be aware of projects in Iraq.  However, it is the interest in Iraq which is proving to be most surprising.  
A recent press article about Iraqi cable and electrical company, Siraj Nabur, attending the ADIPEC oil show in Abu Dhabi, received over 800 likes nearly all from Iraqi people who aren’t even going to be there.  This shows us that within Iraq there is a thirst for positive news, especially hearing about Iraqi companies being successful.'  
Since the US/UK led invasion in 2003 the country has been suffering from some form of civil war.  
The only time Iraq makes it into mainstream news is when there are mass killings through major international terrorist atrocities.  Syria and Iraq are once again headline news due to what has recently happened in both Paris and Beirut, but unfortunately killings and bombing are a daily occurrence in both countries.
Through social media sites like Facebook, the people of Iraq mourn what has happened in the same way as the rest of the world, and send out the same prayers for peace as everyone else.

However, it is important to understand that it is not just a case of defeating the ISIS (also known as IS or the Islamic State Group) through military intervention, but providing opportunities for the people of those countries to rebuild their lives and future generations.  Alastair Caithness finished by saying,

'Oil exports have increased in the country by over 40% since 2014.  However, there is now less opportunities for the people of Iraq.  If the international community really wants Iraq to return to a stable situation then they need to create job opportunities for the Iraqi population.  This is across all industry sectors.  The Iraqi people want life to return to a normal existence where they have the opportunity to provide for their family.  
At Rebuilding Iraq we are now launching a free jobs portal for Iraq with a focus on jobs for Iraqi Nationals, and from the start of 2016 we are teaming up with an Iraqi Media Company based out of Baghdad to showcase these roles through printed publications.  
We will continue to focus on the positives in the country, but the real success is for the governments of the world to set their differences aside and work together to find a solution to not only win the war but also deliver a plan for the future generations of Iraqi nationals’.

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