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A Special Construction Council Has Been Established by the Iraqi Government

The hope of this council is to establish and implement infrastructure development; Ministers of oil, finance and planning will sit on the council.

A special construction council has been established in Iraq in order to manage the post-war construction activities and will comprise of the Prime Minister and various integral cabinet members. Recent approval of the organization came after five percent of Iraq’s budget will be earmarked for this council.

The ministers of finance, oil and planning will also sit on the council, they added in a published report “Five percent of the annual budget will be allocated for the council, which will oversee all public projects with a cost of at least 250 billion Iraqi dinars ($210 million) in addition to projects referred by the cabinet to the council...The council's functions include mainly infrastructure development and the execution of major projects covering roads, bridges, airports, ports and other sectors...it will also encourage investment in local projects and follow up strategic projects in industry, housing, health, farming and other sectors.”


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