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The Iraq Ministry of Oil announce drop in exports for October

October exports of 83.94 million barrels generating an income of 3.3 billion dollars

The Iraqi ministry of oil announced its oil exports for the previous October 2015 which was (83.935) million barrels and their achieved outcome which is about (3.320.218) billion dollars according to the primary statistics of SOMO company.

   Mr. Assim Jihad the spokesman of the ministry said that the exported oil quantities for the previous October was (83.935) million barrels from the southern ports. He said also that the reason behind the oil exports shortage was because of the bad weather in the southern ports which lasted for 4 days and hindered the shipping to the oil tankers, while the exportation from Ceyhan port was stopped because of the lack of commitment with the oil agreement from the government of Kurdistan and their failure to deliver oil and exports to the Federal Treasury account.

   Mr. Adil Abd Al-Mahdi the minister of oil said earlier that the oil sector made big accomplishments in comparison to the last years and the oil production for September 2015 from the southern ports and the mid lands is was (3.756) million barrels / day in comparison to 2014 which was (3.198) million barrels / day, in-spite of the bad circumstances in the country … while the exports of September was (3.051) million barrels / day in comparison to September 2014 which was (2.535) million Barrels/ day. He said also that there is only one drop which is the oil prices which affected negatively on the outcomes so that the outcomes of September 2015 was 3.700 billion dollars in comparison to September 2014 which was 6.916 billion dollars.



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