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Iraq Granted New 90 Day Waiver to Purchase Gas from Iran

Waiver granted by U.S. administration to allow Iranian gas imports to continue without sanction

The United States has granted a fresh 90 day waiver to Iraq for the import of Iranian gas, allowing the country to continue to meet its energy demand without sanctions.

With Iraq's energy demand increasing in the summer months and the country relying on imports from its neighbor to meet its power needs, the new waiver will see imports of Iranian gas continue with figures expected to reach 40 million cubic meters per day.

Despite granting another waiver, the U.S administration have advised that the situation is only temporary and will continue to work closely with Iraqi authorities to support their ability to end its reliance on Iranian gas to power its grid.

The Iraqi government and many international organisations have made significant investments in a number of new projects to capture gas from its oilfields which has previously been flared off. In addition, there are a number of ongoing upgrades and new builds to the countries power infrastructure, as the country aims to end its reliance on gas imports.



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